These Guys Vaped Fake E-Juice And This Is What Happens…

Fake e-juice is popping up everywhere now. You might have encounter some yourself. There’s no point sugar-coating this. Fake e-juices are dangerous, both to the industry and yourself.

Don’t be next victim! In this article, we’ll let you know how to spot fake e-juice.

“If a vendor is selling fake e-juices, I certainly want to know so I can avoid buying from them EVER!”

~ Rob Fisher, South Africa

But first…

Let’s see what happen to these guys after they take fake e-juice.

“While it’s possible the fake juice could create the best e-juice and sell it for the best price, I just don’t trust them. Most recent example is the all ‘stainless steel’ nautilus that turns out to have a brass chimney. They have a history of using lead as filler in everything. Including plastics.

“I did use Fake e-juice my first week of vaping. Because it was the only thing available local and I was committed to stop smoking. It tasted like candle wax and chemicals. I feel ill whenever I look at the bottle.”

~ ApeMustNotKillVape, US

We don’t bring this up to scare anyone. These days, there are fake versions of just about everything. Whether you’re shopping for a new pair of sneakers or a new purse, there are fakes all over the internet.

But the difference between other fake products and fake e-juices is that fake e-juices could potentially be harmful. And even in a best-case scenario, fake e-juices will often rob you of a quality vaping experience when you use them.

“Just bought some e-juice called Curl Up from a XXXX store, it’s not bad in the sense that you can’t taste any chemicals in it but the flavors are horrible, got cherry and Red Bull and they taste nothing like any of the above mentioned flavors, they actually taste like sweet air to be honest, the smell as well is not as is mentioned either.

“Just horrible through and through, the packaging is sketchy and they have no other info on there about where it’s made, VG/PG ratio, and other important things. First and last time I’ll ever buy fake e-juice.

“Save yourselves the trouble and just don’t buy anything that matches the description I have left above.”

~ Vapezambia

Why the fake e-juice is dangerous to you?

Unknown ingredients. They are not using pharmaceutical grade nicotine. The additives and flavors are not held to a high standard as produced by reputable companies.

Potentially harmful to your health. This goes without saying, as evident from the usage of poor quality ingredients and questionable standard of production.

May damage your equipment. Low standard liquid react with your equipment in non-predictable way as they’re not thoroughly tested.

Potential fire hazard. They may burn more rapidly and affect the wick and head of your equipment which also results in poor taste.


How to identify fake e-juice?

1. Price. You get what you pay for. If it’s cheap, it’s probably made with low quality ingredients.

2. Labelling. Some products do not even list the ingredients and the ratio. You don’t even know the origin of the product, where it’s coming from, who’s the manufacturer. This is not compatible with most countries’ regulation.

3. Seller. Buy from reputable and credible sources.

4. Ask your seller. If you’re unsure, ask the seller and test their product knowledge. They should know the origin of the products they sell.

5. Taste. Is it too powerful or ‘barely there’? Does it taste ‘funny’? Fake e-juice might be too strong, too ‘thin’ or just plain weird.

6. Packaging. Does it look cheap. Hold the box and the bottle. Do they have safety and security measures (hologram, safety cap etc)?

7. Side effect. Do you feel nauseous or sick?


Use your common sense.

If the juice doesn’t look right, taste right, smell right or the label seems off or missing certification, chances are you’re having a fake e-juice of low quality stuff.

Do some background on any seller you are considering to buy from. Make sure they are selling authentic products.

“NEVER AGAIN! Tasted like if you mixed bleach dish soap hand sanitizer and some kind of aerosol citrus air spray and vaped it… Burned my throat like it too!

“Plus it leaked like a motherf**ker and when it leaked to the point of it spilling  up a lil in my mouth it put this horrible taste in my mouth it’s indescribable. Def throwing this sh*t in the trash.”

~ Dielonn, US


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