Nasty Juice Stock Exchange T&C


Is your LUCK Nasty?

Conceptualized on the lines of our infamous stock exchanges, NJSE is a fun, unique and cutting-edge concept that allows customers to trade in our ‘Products’, with discounts starting from as low as that, which can suit your pocket size. NJSE presents an experience similar to trading in the stock market (discount fluctuation).

For the sake of brevity and clarity ‘Products’ include e-liquids only which are offered on the website platform, subject to actual availability with us.

What is Nasty Juice Stock Exchange?

It is a concept of stock market based for our ‘products’, where the discount on our ‘products’ changes, based on its timely demand. Think of it as a best deal where you control the discounts of all our ‘products’.

Think of it as Lightening Deal where you control the discounts of all the ‘Products’, any time, every time. Customers can place an order via the website (only) by using the code NJSE and avail the discount at that given hour.

NJSE will “trade” in our ‘product’ whilst making sure you have a great exchange. Our prime motive is to give you best discounts on your favourite products.

How does it work?

It is a stock market based for our ‘products’, where the discount on our ‘products’ keeps changing at regular intervals of time. When you place an order and proceed to check out, use the code “NJSE” and get the surprise discount at that hour. Any mode of payment can be applied.

NJSE is an instrument of NSTY Industries Pvt. Ltd. and available on the Website platform only. We reserve the right to update, change, amend, modify, transform or replace any part of these Terms by updating and/ or changing our contents of the same, it shall be the sole discretion of NSTY Industries Pvt. Ltd. to discontinue NJSE without any prior information to the customers. Products once bought on NJSE/ discount are non-returnable and its cost is non-refundable. We have a no exchange policy.

Use NJSE and earn NASTY MONEY for more discounts. Try your Luck now.